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  • Energy boosting effects similar to caffeine without the jitters, the crash and the habituation that often accompanies pure caffeine.
  • Powerful brain nutrients to help with neurotransmitter activity which may support focus, alertness, concentration and memory recall.
  • Rather than focusing on a caffeine blast, Lonicera Lift brings together the synergy of energy producing nutrients along with key brain nutrients to create the ultimate feel good, be your best product.
  • Powerful antioxidant compounds fight to support healthy cells and DNA including the naturally occurring C3G from Lonicera Caerulea.


Lonicera Lift contains a powerful blend of amino acids including Alpha GPC, a highly bioavailable form of Choline which can support focus, concentration, clarity and has a number of other health benefits.

Lift also contains a natural standardized compound derived from bacopa monnieri known to promote cognitive function. Backed by thousands of years of traditional use, bacopa monnieri, has been used in Ayurveda for a multitude of purposes, such as its nootropic effects promoting cognitive health.

Lift also contains the adaptogen rhodiola, and ATP making it one of the most advanced, healthy, energy, focus, and mental clarity products ever formulated. On day one you’ll feel it. On day two you’ll love it, and on day three you’ll be telling your friends about it!

In addition to containing powerful berry powders from Lonicera Caerulea and Maqui, Lift contains naturally sourced caffeine coupled with TeaCrine® which is ideal for anyone looking to increase their energy levels without negative side-effects.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Capsules are vegetarian friendly.

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Dr. Deena Hackett

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• DOM • Licensed Acupuncture Physician
• Founder of 941 Wellness

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Modexus Product Research Council

Dr. Charles Rouse

Dr. Charles Rouse

• Registered Pharmacist • Pharmacologist
• Doctor of Natural Medicine

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Modexus Product Research Council

Customer Reviews

6 reviews for Lift

  1. Darrin Grosenick

    As a professional athlete, I am always looking for a healthy advantage for the gym via increased stamina and recovery. Lonicera Lift allows me to focus and blow through my workouts with almost unlimited drive and the motivation to train longer and more efficiently. In 30 years of training and competition at a pro level, Lift is without reservation one of the highest quality of products I have ever used. Modexus has hit a home run with this nutrition. I am feeling unstoppable!

  2. Winnie Chicoine

    I began using LIFT by Modexus after a year of non-activity from a ligament obstruction that raised my BP and prevented a daily 5 mile walk. After surgery, a bounce back was frustrating and couldn’t get my energy or stamina back no matter what. I am not a “pill taker” but decided to try Lift. After 2 weeks, more energized. After 4 weeks, I was back to my old self and quite relieved. I use Lift daily and will not go without. Thank you Modexus!

  3. Nancy Jelen

    I am a working mother of two special needs children, Director of a non-profit, and have a professional background in Sports Health. My days are long, stressful, and require optimal performance mentally and physically. Lonicera Lift has made a huge difference in my daily production and I love that it is clean, no sugar, no artificial ingredients, and is cutting edge science. Lift will continue to be a part of my daily routine!

  4. Joe Geeslin

    I have been diagnosed with the early stages of Alzheimer’s and my wife and I decided to reach out to Modexus and Dr. Rouse to potentially add Lonicera LIft to my daily routine. It was suggested that I could safely and effectively benefit from 2 capsules AM and 2 capsules around lunchtime. Wow, was he right! The difference in mood and feeling of well being at the end of the day is night and day by adding the extra nutrition midday. I am so happy with this fabulous natural supplement!

  5. Ric McGrew

    Upon retirement, I set a personal goal to stay active and fit. Having just recently turned 70 years of age, some days my body and energy levels have different ideas so having the RIGHT “motivation” tool can be quite helpful. Lift is my personal “fountain of youth” helping me achieve my daily activity goals including riding 4 miles daily on my bike. With the addition of Lift, 70 is my NEW 40! Thank you Modexus!

  6. Antoinette Craig

    Everyone needs that little bit extra to maximize each and every day without compromising your health. The clarity, focus, and energy achieved with Lonicera Lift by Modexus is fantastic! I LOVE my Modexus Experience!

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