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Relieve Au

  • Relieve Au is the GOLD STANDARD in Natural Pain Management.
  • A Holistic Formula You Can Trust!
  • Naturally Reduces Soft Tissue Inflammation and Supports Pain Reduction Naturally.
  • Natural Relief for Headaches and Migraines for the Times of the Month You Need it the Most.
  • A Highly Specialized and Proprietary Blend of Celery Leaf Extract, Garlic Extract, Horsetail Herb Extract, Nettle Leaf Extract and More.
  • Safe, Effective and Non-Habit Forming Pain Management Support for All Age Groups.
  • 100% Natural and Vegan.
  • No Added Preservatives or Harmful Additives.



Statistics show that pain affects more than 50 million adults in the U.S. alone and the resulting burden to the U.S. economy easily exceeds $635 billion annually. The prevalence of inflammatory conditions and chronic pain is expected to increase over the coming years due to many factors including an increasingly active and aging population, the quality of our diets and environment, and more.


Relieve Au is a carefully blended, standardized, and concentrated blend of Lonicera Caerulea super berry, Maqui super berry, Stinging Nettle extract, Horsetail extract, Celery extract, Garlic extract and Sentramin® organic mineral complex that provides natural support for those concerned with soreness, inflammation and discomfort from pain issues.

• Pain
• Inflammation
• Neuropathy
• Muscular Problems
• Joint Discomfort
• Headaches
• Improves Flexibility & Mobility
• Excellent Antioxidant
• Reduces Swelling Gout
• Nervous System Healing
• Blood Purifier
• Wound Healing and Tissue Regeneration
• Better Skeletal System
• Healthier Arteries

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Capsules are vegetarian friendly.

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Dr. Deena Hackett

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• DOM • Licensed Acupuncture Physician
• Founder of 941 Wellness

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Dr. Charles Rouse

Dr. Charles Rouse

• Registered Pharmacist • Pharmacologist
• Doctor of Natural Medicine

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Customer Reviews

9 reviews for Relieve Au

  1. Mary Green

    Relieve Au has given me my life back! I awake feeling like a million dollars and ready to take on the day! One year ago, I could hardly walk due to crippling pain related to arthritis issues and more. Extensive meds weren’t helping and CBD only masked the root cause. Relieve Au has taken the pain away and is allowing healing. Thank you Modexus!

  2. Karen Mitchell

    I recently underwent major surgery. Because of my sensitivity to anesthesia and pain meds, I decided to forego and take Relieve Au. Within 24 hours my pain was under control. Not only has this product continued to replace narcotics through my recovery, I’ve had no side effects. My surgeon was stunned at the speed of my wound healing!

  3. Monica Wicker

    Joint and back pain made daily life a struggle for me for years. Simply getting out of bed in the morning was a struggle. Relieve AU has provided amazing and consistent results. I am enjoying an active daily life pain free. Total game changers and I couldn’t be happier that I said YES to Modexus!

  4. Monica Torretto

    Having been diagnosed with MS and Fibromyalgia, my life was changed forever and dealing with the chronic pain, debilitating! Pain meds were necessary for daily function, however I worried about dependency and other issues. When I found Relieve Au, all natural and non-habit forming, I began using to reduce my meds. Relieve Au works quickly for me and can be used safely. THIS is a product I never want to be without!

  5. Ma. Charito Cheong

    Last year I was hospitalized four days with a right elbow fracture. The fall caused arthritis and tremendous swelling in my hand. My doctor prescribed a strong Rx painkiller to reduce pain and swelling, the meds only complicated things including gastric distress and back pain. I decided to try Relieve Au taking 2 every four hours. After just two days, the swelling subsided and the healing began. Wow! I didn’t expect results so fast, by the grace of God, I was much better and the side effects from painkillers were fading away.

  6. Lori Habeck

    Our life is truly an adventure and to keep the stamina clear thinking and physical pain at a minimum Relieve Au along with the full Modexus product lineup has made all the difference for us as business and farm owners. Staying healthy and keeping everything in check is a must! We take the Modexus products daily and know we are aging younger. Thank you Modexus, we are blessed to have found you!

  7. Joe and Liz Geeslin

    I live with an irregular heartbeat and as a result must use a Coumadin (blood thinner) daily. As a side effect, using any type of pain medication isn’t an option for me in dealing with the arthritis in my back. Relieve Au has been a wonderful, natural, and non-habit forming option. 2 capsules first thing in the morning and 3 more at lunch finds me good to go and definitely much more comfortable for the rest of the day!

  8. Gail McGhee

    At age 18, I began experiencing severe lower back pain so bad that I couldn’t even go to the movies as 2 hours was far too long to sit. By age 20, I had my first of three spinal fusions and have battled severe pain and side effects of heavy pain medications my entire life. When introduced to Relieve Au, my skepticism was high, but after a few short days I began to notice the positive changes, and now with consistent use over time, I am able to live a much higher quality of life and without the medications. The impossible is now possible with Relieve Au and Modexus!

  9. Antoinette Craig

    I received my Modexus products and in a short 24 hours began experiencing relief from nagging back pain that I have been fighting for years. I am a believer in the effectiveness of Modexus.

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