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  • Feel your Best Every Day of the Month!
  • Hormonal Harmony from PMS to Postmenopause.
  • Naturally Ease and Calm PMS, Perimenopause and Postmenopause Symptoms.
  • Formulated for Maximum Nutritional Synergism.
  • Safe, Effective and Affordable Holistic Female Nutrition.
  • 100% Natural and Vegan.
  • No Added Preservatives or Harmful Additives.


FEEL YOUR BEST EVERY DAY OF THE MONTH! Hormonal Harmony From PMS to Postmenopause.

Supports Hormonal Harmony From PMS to Postmenopause. RHYTHM is the A-Z targeted supplement for a woman’s vibrant health from the pre-teen years through maturity. This synergistic formulation may nutritionally support many female health needs.  RHYTHM is designed to naturally ease and calm the body while SUPPORTING PMS CYCLES, PREMENOPAUSE, PERIMENOPAUSE, MENOPAUSE, AND POSTMENOPAUSE NUTRITIONAL NEEDS.

RHYTHM is designed to naturally ease and calm PMS symptoms including hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings as well as providing optimal natural nutrition for ALL cycles of a woman’s gender specific health.

  • Combines traditional herbal knowledge with today’s cutting edge nutritional technology for a highly specialized formulation of integrated nutrition that is safe and efficient.
  • 100% Natural without any Preservatives or Harmful Additives. RHYTHM is Organic and Vegan. Rhythm is Manufactured in the USA.
  • Designed for optimal results when taken consistently every day of the month to provide the best nutrients when a woman needs them the most.
  • Carefully formulated to be used as a stand alone product and/or for maximum nutritional synergism may be used in conjunction with Lonicera Longevity and the entire suite of Lonicera Brand products.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Capsules are vegetarian friendly.

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Dr. Deena Hackett

photo of Dr Hackett head

• DOM • Licensed Acupuncture Physician
• Founder of 941 Wellness

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Modexus Product Research Council

Dr. Charles Rouse

Dr. Charles Rouse

• Registered Pharmacist • Pharmacologist
• Doctor of Natural Medicine

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Modexus Product Research Council

Customer Reviews

6 reviews for Rhythm

  1. Kim Hayes

    As a hormonal health educator, Modexus Rhythm is a welcome addition for women of all ages. Rhythm helps provide balance and relief from annoying hormonal related concerns – PMS, irregular periods, moodiness, depression, hot flashes, post-menopausal dryness and more.

  2. Kimberly Pike

    “This has been one of the best cycles I’ve had in decades. I started taking Rhythm when my cycle started (2 caps twice daily) and I’m So glad I did!”

  3. Jessica Smith

    The Rhythm is great! Been taking it for almost 2 weeks now. I usually have a lot of trouble with heavy, long cycles and intensely painful ovulation. It seems like the first time I’ve had a normal cycle. Plus, it feels like I have more energy!

  4. Patty Tiso

    I’ve had problems with regularity since getting my gall bladder out. Rhythm from modexus seems to be helping with that.its a little pricey, but they do have some deals you can get.

  5. Stacey Anderson

    I love the Modexus Rythym product for hormonal balance. No more PMS cramping each month. My mood is more regulated that time of the month now as well as I’m not as irritable because I’m not having that additional pain. I use the women’s pack every month to get a great discount and get the bottles of must have Longevity and Relieve as well. I only wish there would be a discount pack to include Lyft and Tranquility as an extra bonus. Thank you again Modexus and Dr. Rouse for creating such a great natural product for women. #womenshealthmatters #modexuscares #mthfrmutations

  6. Chanel Benjamin

    Hello. I have been taking Rhythm for about 5 months now. This product has completely cancelled out my night sweats that I had gotten since I was 11 years old! I sleep deeper and my skin complexion is a lot brighter! This product also has control my vertigo which started when my periods started getting wacky. I am now getting a consistent normal menstruation cycle with no cramps! I love Rhythm! Thank you Modexus!

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